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Welcome to Honeysuckle Acres
where we've taken
REAL honey
and given it a gourmet taste! 
Whether you
choose raspberry,
peach, vanilla, jalapeno, or

anything in between it
is sure to be a delight.  

Drizzle it on your pancakes,
toast, or biscuits,
add it to your
tea or coffee, or use it to "season"
your steaks.  
It will turn something
ordinary into something
and will truly amaze
your family and friends.  

Moreover, you
can assure them
we only add organic and natural
ingredients to our honey;  so you
can feel good
about eating
it or sharing it with others.  

Our small jars would be perfect
for wedding favors
or other
special occasions.  A gift set
would make a
unique present
for that special someone.  In fact,
we've got a flavor for everyone
& every occasion!

And, just in case you didn't
know...we also have bath &
body products
that are natural
and healthy too!  Perfect for
you and your loved ones.

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